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Preventive examination

The main key of the preventive examination is to confirm our health!

The dynamics of work, stress and bad diet in the absence of physical activity lead to the body distress and increased risk of diseaseses. Inappropriate way of life is reflected in obesity, high blood pressure in high blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides. Habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake only stimulates the increas of the the risk.

Preventive examination must be done in time!

Alveola Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center Ltd. recommends it to people aged over 40 years. By younger people the packages are recomended in case of the family burden.
On the first visit we recommend the whole package of preventive examinations. At subsequent visits the specialist decides about the following examinations reflecting to the previous findings and conclusions.
We also consider the wishes of the individuals.
The offered packages of health services can be adapted and supplemented with medical services by appointment.


Pulmonary package
Allergy package
Smokers and former smokers package
Cardiological package